The Blog Awards Challenge Winners

Based on the judges scores and votes from bloggers, here are the winners of the of The Blog Awards Challenges. Only the winners can claim the badges of excellence.


Blog Challenge 1: I Blog Therefore I Am

Winner: “I Blog Therefore I Am” by Caustic Thoughts

1st runner-up: “Blog: a nonsense business?” by 214

2nd runner-up: “i blog” by mikelcleus

Finalist (Merit): “Blogging and Loving It” by Pinoy Lotto Winner

Finalist (Merit): “Reasons Why I Love Drowning into Blogging” by hulag

Reader’s Choice Award: “Blog: a nonsense business?” by 214

Special citation to the only finalist written in Filipino: aNg LuWasA’t hULo.. by cherrymae06.

To see the challenge 1 top 10 entries, here.


Blog Challenge 2: Blogging for Global Warming

Winner: “For A Greener Earth” by Blog From Cebu To The World

1st runner-up: “The Challenge” by Avy (auxiliaryzero)

2nd runner-up: “Blogging for Global Warming” by Reeti Roy (My Blog)

Finalist (Merit): “Global Warming” by Diletante Escritor

Finalist (Merit): “Read…and push to start” by Memoirs of Klitorika

Reader’s Choice Award: “Blogging for Global Warming” by Reeti Roy (My Blog)


Blog Challenge 3: The Hazards Of Honesty

Winner: “Ang Pangalan ko ay Pen Palaboy” by Pen Palaboy

1st runner-up: “Honesty Is Not an Internet Meme” by indolentindio

2nd runner-up: “United as one, divided by zero” by exsanguinatrix

Finalist (Merit): “The Masks Bloggers Wear” by blogcebuworld

Finalist (Merit): “ANONIMO” by gatsulat

Reader’s Choice Award: “Ang Pangalan ko ay Pen Palaboy” by Pen Palaboy


Blog Challenge 4: Because YOU deserve a post

Winner: “You Make Me Smile” by auxiliaryzero

1st runner-up: “Because You Deserve a Post” by anordealbyinnocence

2nd runner-up: “Paalam Liwanag ng Araw” by kamo2

Finalist (Merit): “LOVE in the Times of Blogging” by mynosebleed

Reader’s Choice Award: “Paalam Liwanag ng Araw” by kamo2


Blog Challenge 5: Almighty For A Day

Winner: “Mama Don’t Preach” by Disproving the Genius

1st runner-up: “In the Eyes of A Child” by Zen Ventures

2nd runner-up: “The World in My Two Almighty Hands” by wanawana

Reader’s Choice Award: “Mama Don’t Preach” by Disproving the Genius


Blog Challenge 6: The Virtual Vice

Winner: “Vicious, As It May Seem” by The urban gurU

1st runner-up: “Did Cyberlife Kill Real Life Intimacy” by A Determined Frame of Mind

2nd runner-up: “Pano Palitan ng Cyberlife ang Real Life” by Manic Manuals

Reader’s Choice Award: “Vicious, As It May Seem” by The urban gurU


Blog Challenge 7: Bloggermania: Challenging The Platforms Of Old Media


1st runner-up: “Blindspots of Blogging” by PROSETITUTE

2nd runner-up: “Traditional Journalism VS BloggerMania” by Kwentong Miko and General Nonsense

Reader’s Choice Award: “Blindspots of Blogging” by PROSETITUTE


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9 Responses to The Blog Awards Challenge Winners

  1. GraceMags says:

    wow. this is a great honor (blush). thank you. i’m looking forward to more challenges in the weeks to come.

    can the badge be posted in any part of the blog or only on the winning post?

    thanks again.

  2. Pinoy Lotto Winner says:

    Wow! Thanks for the merit! I’m glad you found value with my entry. Looking forward to joining again soon.

  3. ceblogger says:

    thank you very much! It is really a great honor for me to win Challenge no.2.

  4. Aux Zero says:

    wow! this is really something. :) thanks for the award. :)

  5. reeti says:

    Thanks for the Award.It’s really an honour :)

  6. pen says:

    maraming salamat sa lahat ng nagbasa, bumoto at nakiosyoso :D
    wala ni sa hinuha ko ang mapabilang sa mga napangaralan. salamat sa mga hurado.
    ang madaaanan ng inyong mga mata ang mga salitang sinambit ko ay higit pa sa kaliogayahang nadarama ko.

    hanggang s amuling pagkikita..


  7. urbanguru says:


  8. the philippine daily idiot says:

    haha. tnx tnx! idiotically yours, :-)

  9. PROSETITUTE says:

    :) thanks TBAC!

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