TBAC 09: The Blogging Principles

Democracy is alive and well in the blogosphere. Blogging has liberated our thoughts and opinions and provided us a platform to enjoy a great deal of freedom and independence. We write openly, not being prey to editorial intrusions. But absolute liberty has its wild side too: the rise of blog flaming, defamation, gossip, intrigues, unverified allegations and the liberal posting of ten thousand snapshots of one’s pet cat can be, well, a little bit out of hand. On this issue, TBAC gives you, the blogger, another opportunity for fantasy to play The Power That Be.


Pen a charter containing 25 most creative, interesting, provocative, amusing suggestions/recommendations, guidelines, prescriptions, things to avoid (“Posting close up shots of your granny’s purple gums a NO-NO”), things to be encouraged for blog citizens to consider. This Blog Charter may include justifications, arguments and validations as to why they should be widely acknowledge or accepted for the common blogging good.

Few reminders:
1. Minimum of 700 words and a maximum of 1,500 (Longer entries will only be considered upon judges discretion, or if it really upholds the caliber of excellence to merit consideration.)

2. You can write in either Filipino or English in any style you wish to write (humorous, sentimental, romantic, argumentative etc).

3. Leave the exact link/URL of your entry (not the URL of your blog, but the entry) here at the comment section of this post. NO entry link should be submitted in the Cbox/Tagboard.

4. You have until the 14th of December to submit your entries.

5. Entry links will not appear in the comment section until the deadline date to prevent idea theft.

6. Those who participated in the previous challenge can still join. [rule no.11]

7. Participants must place this line at the end of the post: “This is my entry to the Blog Challenge 09: The Blogging Principles“, with the corresponding backlink to this challenge. [Link to this challenge]

Read the complete rules.

Blog Challenge 7 Winners!

Winners for the Blog Challenge 7 are now posted! Congratulations to the winners. You may now claim your distinction badges.

Blog Challenge 8 Entries!

The finalists for the “Blog Awards Challenge 8: Teach me eroticism in school, please” are now up for voting.

The entries will now compete for blogger votes, which will count for 20% of the final score. Final tally of scores and results will be posted on December 15th.

See the TBAC 08 top 4 entries and vote for your favorites!

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